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Another Ethiopia Family Passes Court!

Doughty Family 2-25-15
Another America World family passed court in Ethiopia last week!  We are so grateful for lots of exciting news from our Ethiopia program lately.  Chris & Shelley shared with us about their time in Ethiopia and gave us permission to share with you:

Meeting our little guy was such a blessing. He is a bit shy but excited to be joining a family again. He wants to be called Isaac. This warms my heart and is a reassurance from God. When God was working in my heart years ago about becoming an adoptive mom I read the story of Abraham and Isaac. It was then that I told God that I would adopt and I would be Abraham and my new son would be Isaac. 

We ask our son if he wanted a new name, but let him know that we do love his given name and would like to keep it as at least part of his name.  He quickly said that he would like a new one. We have him a list of names that we had considered.  He smiled his shy smile and nodded when he told the psychologist, “I want to be called I-saac.”  Our hearts melted!

God is so good, so present, and so intentional. 

Also, I work at a school. They told me that I could have 7 days of leave and then 10 days after that for my adoption.  That includes travel and bonding time. They stated that if I took more than that they would terminate my employment. I am not eligible for FMLA because I haven't been there a year yet.  While I was in Ethiopia for our court trip, God sent snow to Lebanon, MO.  I missed ONE day of work !!!!!! I believe God did that just for me. He is a loving father.

Please pray for the Doughty family as they complete the last stages of their adoption. Congratulations to all of you!


#BeAStoryteller for orphans in Ethiopia!


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