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An Unexpected Gift

I arrived home yesterday evening to find an unexpected package containing a box of Russian chocolate and a book on Russian palaces.  It was a Christmas gift from a new Russian friend.  While observing another hosting program last summer, I befriended one of the Russian chaperones.  She and I went on outings to different stores, museums, and restaurants.  Never did I realize I would make a friend through this opportunity.  Even though chaperones aren’t the focus of hosting programs, they and we who meet them are blessed and changed; our lives enriched by learning about each other’s cultures.  My new friend and I have kept in touch by email with hopes to see each other again.  The world becomes a smaller place when we have the opportunity to befriend each other.

Welcoming Angels not only needs host families for the children from Ethiopia but also their chaperones as well.  There is no fee to host a chaperone, only a willingness to show hospitality to a new friend from afar.  Currently, we are recruiting host families for Maryland and Pennsylvania for spring and summer hosting programs.  If you live in the Southern Maryland region, please come out to the information night in Waldorf, Maryland.  Click on this link to our events page (scroll down to “All Adoption Events”) for more information.  Additional information nights are being planned at Maryland and Pennsylvania churches and will be listed on the events page.  If you would like more information about Welcoming Angels please contact me at or call 1-800-429-3369 ext. 134. 


Warm regards,

Mary Noble

Director of Welcoming Angels hosting program

Welcome angels 


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