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An Orphan’s Ticket Home Raises $100 K

We are excited to announce that our fundraising campaign, An Orphan's Ticket Home, thanks to America World's families and friends, has already raised $100 K for the year 2009!  Last year we received a total amount of $300 K from donations and by this Spring we will have a financial progress report on how these funds were used and the difference they have made in orphan's lives.

Here are a few reports on how these donations blessed and multiplied our efforts to help orphans. At the end of last year we were able to move our Ethiopia Transitional Home into a much larger facility which will temporarily house more children being adopted through our families.  We also were able to hire a doctor who visits the home 4 times a week. In addition, we hired another nurse, so now we have 2 nurses on staff.  We decreased our child to nanny ratio by hiring additional nannies and we purchased new beds and bedding.  We opened a new adoption program with Rwanda that many of you have already heard about and we are currently accepting pilot families in our other new program we were able to develop with Brazil.   In El Salvador, we are still advocating for the orphan by meeting with government officials and working to create identity for children there. In fact, Brian Luwis, our CEO will take another trip there next week to continue discussions for progress with adoptions in this country. He is also working on a great program with Honduras and news will be released soon about the work being done to process adoptions.  We are scheduled to start our Older Orphan's Exchange program in the Summer of 2010 starting with Ethiopian older children.  We are currently looking for a church in one of our licensed states who would be willing to partner with us in this endeavor. 

Additionally, we are planning more Orphan's Ticket Home Galas throughout the United States, including Nashville, Sacramento, Atlanta, Orlando, and Branson.  So, please let your friends and family know as we'd love to have them all attend.  It's a great way to raise orphan awareness and just be blessed by God's heart for adoption, as well as raising money for continued work through an Orphan's Ticket Home.  Stay tuned for more updates and thank you all so much for your donations! To donate to an Orphan's Ticket Home, please click here


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