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An Introduction to Welcoming Angels: AW’s New Orphan Hosting Ministry

Welcoming Angels (WA) is a new hosting ministry of America World’s Orphan's Ticket Home campaign.  This ministry is based on the premise that God places the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6) and works through the Church to show loving-kindness and hospitality to those in need (Hebrews 13:2).  Through Welcoming Angels, older orphaned children from various countries will be given the opportunity to live with families in the United States for short term stays.  During the hosting period, children will participate in Christian family life, experience American culture, learn English, and make new friends. 

Purpose and Goals
The aim of Welcoming Angels is to raise awareness of the plight and needs of older orphaned children while advocating for them to find permanent families.  The short term goal for WA is to launch the pilot program by Winter 2011 in the state of Maryland with children from Ethiopia.  The long term goal is to expand into additional states and include children from other countries.  Beginning this month, host families will be selected and trained for the pilot program in Maryland.

How You Can Help
Currently, Welcoming Angels is looking for churches in Maryland who are interested in becoming involved with the Winter 2011 hosting program.  If your church has a passion for helping older orphans, there is still time to schedule an information session for October and November.  Currently there are 3 information sessions scheduled in the Baltimore area and 1 session for Southern Maryland.  Information about these sessions can be found on the events page.

WA is looking for host families who are interested in adopting and/or advocating for older orphans from other countries.  In addition, pro bono medical services will be needed in order to provide the children with medical care during the hosting period.  Finally, there is a need for individual and corporate donations to help underwrite the cost of the hosting program expenses such as airfare for the children and their chaperones. 

For more information about Welcoming Angels, contact Mary Noble, WA Hosting Director, at or call 1-800-429-3369 ext. 134. 



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