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An Honor to Serve with You

Last week I found myself writing “thank you” notes to roughly 3 dozen donors.  It's one of my favorite job “responsibilities” (if you can even call it that).  In just about everybody's note, I wrote something to the extent of: “It's a joy to be able to serve orphans alongside families like yours.”  To many, this simple sentence might seem like another trite expression - the right thing to say to people who've just donated toward your cause. 

For me, I really do mean those words.  In fact, I don't think those words do justice to what I try to communicate to families.  Each donation that America World receives through our Orphan's Ticket Home campaign is a reminder to me of how God is working through His people to accomplish His will of caring for the fatherless.  Whether the gift is $5 or $5,000, I am grateful beyond words to the individuals and families that sacrifice a portion of their income to serve orphans in need.

Adopted child cards

In America World's corporate office's reception area, we have two walls full of Christmas cards from families who have brought their children home.  Needless to say, those two walls have never looked better.  People who have donated to the Orphan's Ticket Home campaign's initiatives have made many of these adoptions possible.

Adoptive families christmas card 

That is why I am so grateful to folks who support America World in their efforts.  They are ultimately helping to give children a home, a family, an identity, a hope.  It's simply impossible for me to sufficiently thank these people enough for obeying God's call to “care for orphans in their distress.”


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