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America World Staff Training Day

In an effort to most effectively serve our families, America World is switching to a new database system on Monday, January 26th.  This superior database will most definitely increase staff's efficiency while working with increased amounts of families. 

In order to ensure that all staff members are as familiar with this new database as possible, America World will be using the entirety of this coming Monday for training in order to equip staff with the necessary tools to easily and quickly operate this new system.  Because of this, corporate and affiliate staff will not have access to phones or email for the vast majority of the day.  (As usual, callers may choose the option to leave a message in the general voice mailbox or in a particular staff member’s voice mailbox if they know their party's extension.)

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.  We look forward to being able to better serve your familys' needs as we utilize this new database.

— Brian Luwis, CEO


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