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America World/One Orphan 21-day-fast

America World/One Orphan 21-day-fast

As we approach our 2017 Season of Hope (November & December) the America World/One Orphan staff is taking part in a corporate time of fasting and prayer. Each day the staff will take part in a devotional and prayer guide. This is a unified and spirit led time for the staff to bring our families, waiting children and country programs before the Father. 
Fasting is an exceptional measure, designed to channel and express our desire for God and our holy discontent in a fallen world. It is for those not satisfied with the status quo. For those who want more of God’s grace. For those who feel truly desperate for God. Here, at America World, we are desperate for God to bring us forever families, for children to come home and for closed doors to open. We are desperate for God to move on behalf of our families and children. Therefore, we turn our hearts, ears, and arms to a Holy God and ask Him to clear our distractions and be our hope.

We invite you, as America World families and partners, to join us. In fact, you can read more on how to fast here.  Fasting isn't just about giving up food… it can truly be anything. But most of all it is a time to focus intensely on God. 

Each day we will post our fasting and prayer focus on the blog and facebook page, please feel free to follow along as you are led. Please find day 1 below:


Thank You, God for the power of Your spirit that is working in me, my family and in every area of my life. 

God has given us His power, He doesn't expect for us to do anything through our own power. As a matter of fact, God said to be strong in Him and in His mighty power. Are you feeling drained? Maybe you have been relying on your own abilities rather than relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. God doesn't want us to live life on empty. God wants to fill us with His power so that we can do the work God has called us to do. Where do you need to see God’s power in your life today? Do you need God’s power in a relationship, your job, or a difficult situation? Today, let’s thank God for His power that allows us to do all things through Him who gives us strength.

God, I thank You for the power of Your Holy Spirit. Today I’m asking that You would help me be more aware of Your power rather than my weaknesses. You are a big and awesome God and I receive Your power today. Forgive me for making You too small in my life. Thank You for demonstrating Your power in my life and in every aspect of the adoption process. In Jesus’ name, Amen! 
Ephesians 6:10
Philippians 4:13
Acts 1:8
1 Corinthians 4:20



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