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America World Family Honored as “Angels in Adoption”

We would like to congratulate Tom & Susie Walrond for their recent selection as “Angels in Adoption!” They received recognition from their Congressman, Randy Forbes, through the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), an organization dedicated to raising awareness for the orphaned children here in the US and internationally that need safe, loving, permanent homes. 

A portion of the press release (full release can be read here):

The Walronds are being honored for their commitment to an adoptive child. The Walronds have adopted a 3 year old boy from China who has a life threatening heart condition. This condition is usually detected and surgically fixed within a few months of birth; however, this child has not yet had the opportunity for surgery. The 3 year old little boy finally arrived in the U.S. before Easter of 2012 and is now recovering and waiting for enough strength to have the needed surgery in the U.S. The Walronds have biological children, but they still made a home for this little boy.

Follow the Walrond's blog where you can read more about their adoption journey, including the progress of the surgery mentioned above. We are thankful for them and the many, many families that open their hearts to adoption.



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