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America World: COVID-19 Response

Like you, we have watched the news of COVID-19 unfold in countless news stories across dozens of social media and digital platforms. Each day seems to present an even more complicated scenario than the day before. Thankfully, we are an organization that possesses much hope, even in the face of viruses and travel restrictions. As a Christian agency, we understand that God is in control and plan our steps accordingly. Proverbs 16:9 says In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. We are grateful that while we must adhere to travel restrictions imposed and make wise decisions concerning travel, God is in control. He is not caught unaware and He cares deeply about the children we serve. As we wait and watch for our next steps, we can also wait and rest in the Lord.

In light of the work we do, which requires international travel for families, mission team members and staff – we wanted to provide all families and team members with information on America World’s procedures and policies around travel. Please note, for adoptive families – any specific precautions, policies and/or restrictions to travel, as it relates to your case, would be communicated to you by your adoption coordinators. This information is not meant to serve as specific guidelines for all families anticipating travel for their adoption.

As an organization, we are following the CDC guidelines and obtaining information directly from physicians, infectious disease specialists, and public health specialists who have expertise in these areas while also taking precautions including limiting non-essential travel and allowing telework when needed. We are also carefully monitoring embassy websites, the U.S. State Department travel advisories, and airport websites for travel closures that could affect our traveling families or team members. We are also involved in a weekly conference call with the U.S. State Department concerning the coronavirus and dynamics related to the adoption process. At this time, all families whose travel is being impacted have been informed. As we receive any additional information that impacts travel, we will inform all families and individuals that it will affect. Where possible, we are proactively arranging and rearranging travel in the best interest of those we serve.

Our staff continues to pray together each morning during our devotional time, for both our America World families who have been impacted as well as those around the world who have been impacted or who are on the front lines caring for individuals. As we all wait together, please continue to join us in praying for our families who have been delayed in their homecoming travel. This is an especially difficult time for them as they have longed for this time.

America World programs and initiatives continue to serve at-risk children and teens around the world. That work does not stop in the face of a pandemic. If you wish to bolster that work financially during this time we invite you to serve through giving in a time when serving in person has been postponed.



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