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America World continues to advocate for Simon!

Meet Simon! This handsome kiddo recently met our Loving Ambassador team, and you may remember seeing his story here.

One team member had this to share about her time with Simon:

“We had some really sweet interactions at the zoo.  He was very affectionate towards me and even though he was hanging out with his older boy friends, he still wanted to hold my hand almost the entire time we were at the zoo.  He had the biggest smiles on his face while pointing out all the different animals to me and just seemed to radiate joy.  Although I couldn’t understand what he was saying in Chinese, he was chatting on and on about everything he was seeing at the zoo with great enthusiasm and excitement. Though he does appear to have some significant speech delays, his motor skills seemed right on target as he ran, climbed, and jumped around the zoo.  He also did a lot of writing during his assessment and his caregiver reported that he really enjoys writing stories. He has such a big heart and a warm smile that would bring joy to any family!”

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