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America World Advocates

We are excited to announce a new program for families with the purpose of giving Christ followers across the country practical ways they can actively make a real difference in the lives of orphans. As an Advocate, you will have the opportunity to promote the needs of the fatherless through a variety of ways, according to what fits your interest and talents. 
As you know, international adoption has changed drastically over the past few years. The days of adopting a 'healthy' infant in a relatively short timeframe are rare. Countless stories in the media are telling the public that adopting and caring for orphans is now too hard, too costly, too risky and just not worth the effort. America World Advocates can change that thinking in each of our worlds. We all understand  the reality of orphans, and are reminded daily through our children. We know that no matter how hard, costly or risky it is, orphans need us to advocate for them!
  • Be a Reference – we have many families listed on our website that are willing to talk to prospective adoptive parents about their adoption journey. A first hand account and recommendation of an agency is invaluable to those still researching adoption. 
  • Guest blog – We've posted many great testimonies here on our blog that always serve as an encouragement to our readers. We'd appreciate your submission on a topic such as  your adoption story, a fundraising tip, or an encouraging devotional.
  • Meet with local families – with our main office in Virginia, we're not always able to make personal contact with our families across the country. We'd like to have a network of families statewide that can be available to meet with prospective adoptive parents, perhaps at a local coffee shop.
  • Lead an ACT trip – our missions department is busy sending dozens of teams to our partner orphanages to be the hands and feet of Jesus to precious children that we pray will be adopted and know the lasting love of a family. Will you go on, or lead, a missions trip?
  • Assist Welcoming Angels – our Welcoming Angels hosting program is a special opportunity for older orphans to come to the US for a short time and live with a family. We are looking for groups of advocacy-minded families to host these kids!
  • Host a dinner – we are setting up dinners across the country with the goal of advocacy and fundraising. Hosting one for your family and friends is just one way to get involved and increase awareness for the needs in global orphan care!
  • Fundraise for Isaiah 1:17 – this fund provides specific and practical needs for our partner orphanages such as diapers, medical supplies, or nutritional needs. We're fundraising for this and invite you to join us, whether through 5K runs, bike-a-thons, or any other methods you've used. 
  • And more – there are no parameters to the ways we can advocate for the orphan. If you have any specific talents, skills, connections, or ideas, how can you use them to further the mission of getting orphaned children into loving families?

We are excited to see the impact of the Advocates, and we can't do it without you! It is our prayer that every adoptive family will allow their personal experience to overflow to the needs of orphans worldwide. If you are interested in joining us as an Advocate, in any way, please take this survey and provide feedback to us. We hope you will join our staff and the many passionate families to make a difference!

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