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Ally and Ruby: Reunited

Little did they know that an open seat on a Liberty University bus would be an unexpected reunion for Ally and Ruby.  Both lived in the same China orphanage as children.  They would be adopted by families in the United States–Ruby to New Jersey and Ally to Maryland.

Both were attending Liberty University, a year apart, and that bus ride would be a God-moment that would give them both a story to share.  While comparing old photos from their orphanage, they realized it was the same one.  They even had photos of themselves with mutual friends at the orphanage.

Today, Ruby and Ally are sharing their story with America World Adoption. Both of their families chose America World to assist them in their adoption plans, but they were not in the same adoption group–neither family knew about the other.

Listen here today as Ally and Ruby share their story with America World podcast host, Mike Stone.

Learn more about adoption at the America World Adoption website.

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