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About Special Needs Adoption

After I tucked this sweet baby in last night (still clutching his prized Mustang car from Grandpa and panda bear that we sent him in a care package) I again realized how our road to Caleb can most concisely be described as “God designed.”


But if you don't “get that” or just want to know more, please take a minute, click here and scroll down through the sidebar to the heading About Our Son Caleb, and read Road to Caleb parts 1, 2, and 3. It will give you a better understanding of how exactly six months after our dossier was logged in to the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs that we were getting off a plane in Beijing, just three days away from MEETING our son in person.

The entire process this time can best be compared to being in Disney World thinking you're in line for It's a Small World and as the ride takes off realizing that you actually have buckled into Space Mountain! It was a fast and furious ride, but I suppose that helped prepare me for the change in energy level in our house!

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