Affording a Mission Trip
July 26, 2013

Two main reasons that folks will forego the opportunity to join a mission trip are time and money. After all, how many of us really have a few thousand just laying around? As a Christian adoption agency we’ve seen countless times how God has proven His providence and sovereignty over those who obey Him by miraculously providing funds for adoptive families. The same is true for mission trips. VISITING THE FATHERLESS through a mission trip is in direct obedience to the Word of God and He will not fail to come through for our every need!

Here is a recent blog post from two mission team members who set off yesterday for a faraway land to do just that - visit the fatherless. They, too, had to trust in God’s provision to afford the journey and God indeed miraculously provided.

Glory in the garage 

Goofy title? Yeah, maybe, but when you read how God showed His glory in my garage I hope it will strengthen your faith like it did mine!

As Andria (another team member) and I talked about going on this trip, Brandon decided he wanted to go. That was great news, except for the fact that the cost was listed as $3,900-4,200 and multiplied by two it was an amount far beyond what we could even imagine! He really wanted to go so he was willing to help raise the needed funds. During the meantime, we enlisted another traveling partner, Beth.  

As we worked, prayed and planned how we would all afford such a mission trip we made plans for a garage sale at our house a few weeks ago. The kids all had a great time selling lemonade and helping raise money for their "friends in China" with no mommies and daddies."


Then something totally unexpected happened! While we were talking a man came up and asked if David's car was for sell. This is the car that was parked in the back of our house that was NOT for sell! David came in the house and told me about it and I said, "SELL IT!"  

David decided to sell it and The best part was that the young man bought it for the same price David paid for it THREE YEARS AGO! Now, that is ONLY GOD!

Thank you, Lord, for providing what we needed above and beyond what we could have ever dreamed.

It reminds me of the awesome song with the lyrics, “I know who goes before me, I know who comes behind, The God of angel armies is always by my side.”

Follow the team’s adventure!

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