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Advocating for Waiting Children with Hearing Impairments

World is committed to advocating for waiting children. Our
Ethiopia, India and China programs currently have referrals of waiting children with
hearing impairments or children who are deaf.

adoptive parent wanted to share this encouragement to families considering
adopting a child who is hearing impaired- “If God's calling you to adopt
a child with a hearing impairment, go for it. With today's technology
(cochlear implants), deafness is a much less difficult special need than it may
seem. If your church has a deaf ministry (or start one!), and you live near
enough to a school for the deaf (or perhaps even if not), and you have even the
slightest inclination, go for it. What fun it's been to learn sign language,
and oh the worlds of new people and experiences you'll be opened up to.
If God's calling you, you know He'll give you the resources to
accomplish what He's asked. And besides, you know He wants every child to hear His good news… what better place for that to happen than in your home?”

If you are interested in learning more about how to care for a child with a hearing
impairment, visit Signs for Hope. Please contact us at 800-429-3369 if you'd like to learn more about our adoption programs for
waiting children. Thank
you for joining us in prayer for these special children.

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