Advocate Today: Hanson’s Story Needs a Family to Be Included

Hanson 1
Look at that smile! Hanson is an adorable little boy that has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and a postoperative heart defect. He was born with VSD heart defect but had a successful surgery in December 2013.

His file notes that his muscle tension is normal. Hanson has a cute round face, likes music, and can crawl.

Hanson is on the CCCWA's shared referral list. He is from one of our orphanage partnerships and is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to adopt him.

Families considering making Hanson a part of their family should fill out a free Pre-Application then contact our China staff at or call 800-429-3369. America World China families already in-process should contact their Family Coordinator directly to discuss Hanson's file.


#BeAStoryteller for Hanson!



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