Advocate Today, Ethiopia: 5-Year Old, “Lillyana”

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We have been advocating for “Lillyana” for a while and wanted to share this sweet update on her from a recent Storyteller mission team member:

“What a pleasure it was to spend time with God’s precious Lilyana in Ethiopia. She is beautiful and her smile is contagious. I had the opportunity to feed her and carry her outside. She loved being outside and looking around at all of the colors and listening to the sounds of other children and animals. She loves music and follows the sounds and wiggles her body in response. She also coos when she is happy. We had the privilege to feed her her lunch while we were there and she was so content getting her tummy full. We were rewarded with a beautiful smile which was just wonderful. Loud noises seem to startle her for just a moment bu then she is back to being her bubbly self. She is so full of life and looking into her eyes, you can see what a precious and sweet girl she is.”

 Will you share her story?

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Though “Lillyana” has a seizure disorder, her seizures have been well controlled on medication for several years. Its is also noted that she has Spastic Quadriparesis though she does have some movement of her limbs.

Any family who would like more information about “Lillyana” and/or how to begin the process to adopt her into your family should contact our Ethiopia staff at or call 800-429-3369. We would love to share more!


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