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Advocate Today: “Christopher” Needs a Family

There is a child currently living in the United States who was adopted from Brazil and needs a loving, attentive family with a heart for healing children. This would be a domestic private adoption between his current adoptive family and a new adoptive family.

“Christopher†is a sweet and kind boy, born in July 2004, and who is described by those who know him as being, “bright, talkative and energeticâ€. He loves playing soccer and football and likes to build with Legos and play with games and puzzles. He enjoys learning and does best in both Math and English.

“Christopher†currently has no reported special needs, or disabilities, however, he is a survivor of past trauma, and is in need of a special family.

“Christopher†would thrive best in a family with no other children, or a family with older children in the home; such as late teens. He needs a family who has a safe and structured environment and who has the time and energy to give him the deep love and attachment he needs.

Would you help us find “Christopher’s†forever family? Please share this post and pray for “Christopher.â€

If you would like to learn a little more about “Christopher†and pursue his adoption, please reach out to Yasmin Thornton at



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