Advocate Today: 5-Year Old, Matthew

Matthew 2
Our “Advocate Today” children often have more moderate to severe medical needs, which can make some of them harder to place with families. We continue to advocate for them because America World believes that God has a purpose and a plan for everyone, and that every child deserves a loving family. Please join us in advocating for Matthew by sharing his story & praying for him and his forever family.

Matthew is a sweet and energetic boy, who loves to play with his caretaker and take walks. 

At 3 ½ years old, he could walk while holding someone’s hand and stand alone. Matthew was born with microcephaly (a small head), which has caused some developmental delay. He can walk with assistance and has limited fine motor skills.

He also had oblique inguinal hernias (groin hernias) on both sides, which were corrected when he was three years old. At this time, he also had an extra digit removed from his right thumb (polydactyly). There were no complications with his hernia or hand surgeries.

Matthew 1
He is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus child and is from one of our agency’s orphanage partnerships. His file is now a shared file. A family at any stage of the process is eligible to review this file.

Current America World families who are interested in adopting Matthew into their family should contact their Family Coordinator about him.

Families not currently in the process of adopting with America World should fill out a quick & simple free PRE-APPLICATION and our Intake staff will follow up with you right away.

Any questions about Matthew or any Waiting Child can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-2269.





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