Advocate Today: 4-Year Old, Drew

Drew 1
Drew is an active and extroverted little boy with a ready smile. Drew has been diagnosed with spina bifida, TCS, postoperative anal atresia, and lumbar limpoma. Drew’s file notes a successful anoplasty on 4/16/11 and a back surgery in July 2014 that great improved his ability to walk steadily.

His caretakers state that he loves imitating others and his favorite activities are outdoors, especially the slide.

Drew’s file is from one of our orphanage partnerships and is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file.

Drew 2
Current America World families who are interested in welcoming Drew into their family should contact their Family Coordinator about him.

Families who are not currently in the process of adopting with America World should fill out a  free PRE-APPLICATION and our Intake staff will follow up with you right away.

Any questions about Drew or any Waiting Child can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-2269.

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