Advocate Today: 3-Year Old, Joshua

Joshua FB
We first introduced Joshua to our China Waiting Child list in March. For the past 2 months, he has been waiting for a family to adopt him and make him a part of his story & their stories. Joshua is a sweet and quiet boy. His caretaker reports that he loves to cuddle and play.

At 1-1/2 years old, he could crawl, respond when others asked for him to share his toys, and look for sources of sound. He is very sensitive to sounds and knows how to locate where sounds are coming from.

Joshua was born with binocular corneal leucoma (whitening of corneas), which has caused him to lose sight in both of his eyes; however, because the reason for his leucoma is unknown, it is also unknown until he is further evaluated by doctors if his condition can be treated to some level. 

He is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus child and is from one of our agency’s orphanage partnerships. His file is now a shared file. A family at any stage of the process is eligible to review this file.

Current America World families who are interested in adopting Hope into their family should contact their Family Coordinator about him.

Families not currently in the process of adopting with America World should fill out a quick & simple free PRE-APPLICATION and our Intake staff will follow up with you right away.

Any questions about Joshua or any Waiting Child can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-2269.

Note that a grant is available to the family pursuing Joshua's adoption.





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