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Advocacy Spotlight: Tabitha

Advocacy Spotlight: Tabitha

Right now, on the other side of the world, Tabitha is waiting for her forever family to find her, to come forward and to claim her as a daughter, as wanted, as loved.  The meaning of her Chinese name, given to her by the nannies at her orphanage who love her dearly, is “to flourish, to prosper.”  They believed that from the moment they met her she would be able to do just that.  There is an unlimited amount of opportunity little Tabitha would have to both flourish and to prosper, touching countless lives with her untold story along the way.  

We are thrilled to announce a Majewski Family Grant of $10,000.  This incredibly generous donation will offset $10,000 of adoption expenses for Tabitha’s adoption.

Tabitha’s file is set to return to the CCCWA in China in a few days unless the file is extended or a family begins reviewing her file. Families interested in learning about Tabitha can inquire with our China team at 800-429-3369or by email at A great first step is to submit a FREE PRE-APPLICATION and our staff will follow up with your family. 

We ask that you help advocate alongside us for Tabitha and help us find her forever family. Please share this with those in your circle of influence as you never know who Tabitha’s story may impact. Taking just a moment of your time to pray that Tabitha’s forever family finds her or to share this post, maybe even encourage someone else you know to do so as well, could make a world of difference for this little girl and her story that desperately needs to be told.  Thank you for advocating and praying alongside our team for a family for this joyful girl!


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