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Advocacy Spotlight:  Meet Robby

Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Robby

Meet Robby, a sweet boy who currently lives with a family in a foster home and will turn 7 years old in late February. Robby gets along well with his foster family. He is active, curious, and easily understands adult's instruction in both English & Mandarin, and can obey. He currently takes part in a rehabilitation special education program every Monday to Friday.

Robby can walk, jump and run freely, and can go upstairs and downstairs without assistance. He can express his needs by using body language and can make sounds, such as “baba” “mama”. He does appear to have delayed speech and can imitate writing. He loves to smile and is not afraid of strangers. He enjoys watching cartoons as well as reading picture books. He can do simple handwork, like making paper airplanes, drawing, and puzzles. Robby enjoys playing with children and knows how to share with other children. He loves playing with toys and his favorite toys are blocks. He also loves to take baths.

Robby has Down syndrome, a congenital heart defect, and an undescended testicle. Robby is an agency-specific orphanage partnership file. His file is categorized as Special Focus so a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to consider his adoption.

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