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Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Korbyn!

We’d like to introduce you to Korbyn, a happy 2 ½ year old boy full of smiles. Korbyn lives in a foster family and loves to eat all types of fruit. He can crawl on hands and knees and can use his thumbs and index fingers well. His file notes that he can hold a pen with and scribble and imitate drawing lines. He plays with blocks and often bangs two blocks together. Korbyn has a quiet personality and is always ready to give a smile. He enjoys listening to music and loves outdoor activities. His file notes he is happiest when there is a lot going on and the environment is full of action and noisy. He is not afraid of strangers and adapts well to new and different environments. He enjoys playing with other children and likes playing with toys.

Korbyn has Down Syndrome and his medical exam notes that he has nystagmus. His file indicates that he has severe failure to thrive and microcephalus. While his file also noted cerebral dysplasia, it did not give clarity whether this was confirmed.Korbyn’s file is an agency specific orphanage partnership file. His file is categorized as special focus so a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to consider his adoption. Please contact our China staff at or fill out a pre-application to learn more about this precious little boy. 

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