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Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Huxley!

Huxley is a 5 ½-year-old boy who lives with a foster family. He has good motor skills and he can understand adult’s instruction. He was found with a note from his birth family that stated he had autism. The orphanage has observed him carefully for long periods of time and his file notes that he has autistic behaviors. He cannot speak, but uses gestures and body language to communicate his needs or will take a nanny to something to show that he wants it. His file notes that he has certain autistic behaviors and doesn’t like to be in noisy environments and can be apprehensive of strangers. He loves to watch cartoons and play with toys and loves teddy bears. 
Huxley is an agency orphanage partnership file. He is a special focus file and a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to consider his adoption. That means even families just beginning to think about adoption can inquire and pursue Huxley as their son! Contact for more information.

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