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Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Hailey!

These updated photos we recently received of precious Hailey are downright adorable!  Getting updates of children who are still waiting is always so bittersweet for us.  Our hearts hurt to know that these little ones continue to wait for their forever families, while at the same time it warms our hearts to see how well some of them are doing!  You may remember Hailey from our advocacy post about her earlier this month, where we shared that her caretakers described her as a happy young girl who smiles often.  They said that when she smiles “others around her feel the brightness she radiates.”  After seeing these updated photos of her, it is clear how true this really is!

Is Hailey’s smile the brightness that has been missing from your life?  Please join us in continuing to advocate for her by sharing this post with those in your circle of influence.  As her file is designated as Special Focus, an eligible family at any stage of the adoption process, or even just considering adoption, would be eligible to consider reviewing her file.  If your family is interested in learning more about adoption or considering and adoption from China, you are welcome to reach out to our China staff at for more information.


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