Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Eleanor!

Eleanor is a 5 year old girl who lives in a foster family. She can walk alone, can go upstairs without any help, but likes to hold the hand of an adult when going down the stairs. She understands instructions from adults and is cooperative with adults. She always holds an adult’s hand on her own initiative when they go out. She can clap hands and play with balloons is one of her favorite activities. Eleanor enjoys watching cartoons and is not afraid of strangers. She gets along well with others and likes to play with other children. She enjoys outdoor activities and also loves to play with toys.

Eleanor has Down Syndrome and both eyes were noted to have esotropia (a form of strabismus/ cross-eyed). Her file notes that she is moderate failure to thrive and has microcephalus. Eleanor is an agency specific orphanage partnership file. Her file is categorized as special focus so a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to consider her adoption. This means that even families who have just begun to explore or consider adoption can inquire!

If you are interested in learning more about “Eleanor”, please reach out to our China team at China@awaa.org.  You are also welcome to complete a FREE PRE-APPLICATION and indicate on the application your interest in learning more about “Eleanor”.

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