Advocacy Spotlight: Meet Axel!

Axel is a sweet little 3 year old boy who can stand alone steadily, crawl, and has started taking steps independently. He can go upstairs with hands placed against the wall. He can hold a pen with his hand and scribble and imitate drawing lines. He likes to build towers and can make a tower of four blocks. He loves picture books and while a book is being read to him, he can turn over pages  one by one. He can imitate words, respond to other’s asking for objects, is cooperative when putting on clothes, and knows what “no” means. He knows to respond and smile when an adult is speaking to him. Axel enjoys playing with other children and loves to sing and listen to music. He loves to imitate others and enjoys playing with balls.

Axel has Down Syndrome and has noted as failure to thrive. He is a Hepatitis B carrier and has congenital heart defects. (PDA, VSD, ASD). Little Axel lives in a foster family and is an agency orphanage partnership file. Axel is a special focus file and a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to consider his adoption. Please email china@awaa.org to learn more about Axel and how you can pursue him as your son!


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