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Adoptive Parent Survey for NCFA Conference

The National Council For Adoption is hosting its annual
conference and one of the sessions is regarding older child adoptions and how
agencies can better improve their services to clients.

For families who adopted a child age 4 years and older, we
would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete the survey to
share your insight into what agencies did well and what are some areas of
improvements. Your name and America World’s name will not be shared. This survey
is going to multiple agencies to capture the big picture of what agencies can
do better. Even if you are still waiting to complete your adoption, some of the
questions are relevant so we appreciate if you can view this and take some time
to share your thoughts.

CLICK HERE >> Adoptive Parent Survey – Older Child

Thank you for contributing to this very important project as
agencies continue to seek ways to better serve their families.

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