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China Adoptive Families Reunite

We love seeing the connections made through adoption, both when a child joins his or her forever family, and the connections families make along the way through the shared bond of experiencing a similar journey. We recently heard from the Motzko and Lintelman families who met during their time in China in 2018. They had the opportunity to reconnect last month and shared of their time together:

“I wanted to let you know how blessed we have been through AWAA.  Not only do we have an adopted child through America World, but have also gained life long friends. We adopted Kaiya a year and a half ago and met some sweet friends in China who were adopting their son, Jia, with AWAA as well.  This past week we were able to see each other again, for the first time in the US. We (Motzkos) are from Minnesota and they (Lintelmans) are from Texas, so while on a cross country road trip, we took the opportunity to stop and see them. Danyel and I talk almost weekly and we were so excited to see them again. They are such a blessing to our family and we would not know them except for AWAA.”

Sarah Motzko

kids reunite

Kaiya and Jia in China, 2018

“Before we left to go to China to pick up Jia, we got an email from AWAA telling us that 2 other families would be joining us once we got there. I started praying that the Lord would help us to all get along and like one another. Well, little did I know, He would do so much more than that. We met both families and became fast friends. Our kids loved being with one another and it was so nice having 2 other families going through this experience with us. When we got back home, we kept in touch with both families and that has been such a blessing. After returning home from China, Sarah and I started sending video messages to one another. It’s been a great way for the kids to see each other! But most importantly, it’s a way for us to encourage one another even though we are across the country from one another. It has been the biggest blessing and Sarah has become such a dear, precious friend. Just last month, the Motzkos were able to come visit us in Texas!!!! It was so great that all of our kids were able to meet one another. God is so good! Thank you AWAA for all of your hard work and prayer for us families and for our little ones even before they are matched with a family. God is using you for His glory!”

Danyel Lintelman

adoptive moms

Danyel & Sarah

America World has been blessed to assist many families in adopting children from all over the world.

We would be honored to share your adoption story and photos of your family on our blog.  Any family is welcome to share their adoption story, whether you are home with your child or currently in your adoption process. We are continually amazed and encouraged to hear how God has provided a unique testimony and experience for each family. Families interested in submitting their story, photos and blog link can email

Called to Adopt from China?

For 25 years, America World has been working with Chinese adoption authorities to find moms and dads for children who wait.  Our China teams, in the U.S. and in China, have a great deal of experience in bringing children and families together through the miracle of adoption.

Get China adoption information from our China Adoption Overview page.

Begin the China adoption process now by submitting a full adoption application where you can determine the specific medical needs that your family could consider when adopting a child from China.

If you have any concerns about qualifying to adopt from China, you can complete a free pre-application to verify your family’s qualifications.

Please share this need with families you know who may be considering adoption from China. Our Intake team will follow up with pre-applicants and applicants to work on your family’s next steps. Questions? Contact us at or 800-429-3369.

NOTE:  There are just a few $1,000 China adoption grants that are still available to new families adopting from China!

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