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Adoption Video Series:  "Affording Adoption"

Adoption Video Series: “Affording Adoption”

Perhaps the most common reason for families to stop short of pursuing adoption is the cost. Adoption is costly–from home study fees, immigration costs, agency fees and dossier preparation, to airfare, hotel and post-adoption, it is expensive.

It is also important to know that the cost of adoption comes at a steady pace and is not a single payment. Throughout the process, services are rendered and fees are changed–such as immigration, passports, etc.

Most America World families can attest to the fact that they did not have the funds set aside for their adoption, but knew God was leading them to adopt.  They took that step of faith, and He provided along the way.

The third video in our adoption video series is entitled, “Affording Adoption”. We hear from America World families who share their stories about dealing with the cost of adoption.




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