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Adoption of foreign children at lowest level since 1999

Please keep praying for favor in the governmental systems of these countries…that they will begin to view international adoption as a priority again and also that other countries who are presently not open to international adoption will recognize adoption as a blessing and a need as well. 

As Reported by the Winston-Salem Journal:

NEW YORK — The number of foreign children adopted by Americans fell 12 percent in the past year, reaching the lowest level since 1999 as some countries clamped down on the process and others battled with allegations of adoption fraud.

China, which for 10 years was the leading source for international adoptions, accounted for the biggest decline and dropped out of the top spot. It was replaced by Guatemala, which almost certainly will lose that status in 2009 because of a corruption-related moratorium on new adoptions imposed by U.S. officials.

Figures for the 2008 fiscal year, released yesterday by the State Department, showed 17,438 adoptions from abroad, down from 19,613 in 2007. The all-time peak was 22,884 in 2004.

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