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Adoption Is For A Lifetime

“Adoption is for a Lifetime” – by Nancy McCullough


Nancy shares her fascinating story of how God orchestrated her adoption from Hong Kong.  She relates her struggles related to the unknown reason for abandonment, which resulted in a wounded spirit and the inability to bond with her adoptive mother.  God blessed her with wonderful parents, a loving husband, and two adopted girls from China.  Take a journey with Nancy, as she testifies of the abiding presence of our heavenly Father's heart for adoption, and total healing of her wounded spirit from abandonment.  In addition, God’s faithfulness and healing presence, brought Nancy and her husband, Paul, through every struggle, especially the loss of their first daughter, Rebecca Joy.  Despite the grief, Nancy shares how God turned their pain into joy and sorrow into victory.  From what may have seemed like a tragedy to most, Nancy and Paul, now see how God used this great trial to prepare their hearts for adoption.
Adopted at 3 ½ years of age, by Chinese parents Nancy became Canada's first foreign adoptee.  She lived with her parents and adopted brother, Gerry, in Montreal until she was 13, after which her family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and eventually pursued a career in computer programming. Nancy and Paul, and adopted Chinese daughters, Joylin (adopted in 2004) and Sarlin (adopted in 2008),  now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Nancy works as a computer programmer/systems analyst, but her greatest passion is being a mother to Joylin and Saralin, her pride and joy.
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