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30+ Reasons Finances Should Not Keep You from Adopting

There are many reasons why people consider adoption but never move beyond the ‘thinking about it’ stage.  The total adoption cost is probably the #1 reason families do not move forward.

While not everyone is called to adopt, the cost of adoption should not be THE reason for not moving forward if God is leading you to adopt.

Over 4,000 families have adopted through America World, and many are in the process of adopting. Most of them would testify that the adoption cost was a big concern in their decision to adopt. Most of them would also tell you that, God provided and made a way past that financial obstacle–whether under it, over it, around it, or through it, He made a way!

America World’s Financing Adoption page will be very helpful as you plan financially for your adoption.  We wish that adoption was not so costly and such an obstacle for so many families.  The reality is that there are many costs associated with adoption:

      • Home study
      • Immigration fees
      • Background checks
      • Required training
      • Translation fees
      • Agency fees
      • Flight costs
      • Lodging costs
      • Visas
      • Post-adoption paperwork
      • and lots more…

Be sure to visit the Financing Adoption page 30+ ways to finance your adoption!  It is full of ways to supplement (or even completely cover!) your adoption costs.  From the Federal Adoption Tax Credit ($13,570) and grants to fundraising, you will have plenty of resources to make adoption affordable!

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