Adoption as a Humanitarian Effort? Hear from This Mom’s Heart.

Daniel & Terry Lacey adopted two of their sons from Haiti through America World in 2013. Terry wanted to share a personal struggle that she has faced since returning home from Haiti. If you are an adoptive parent, maybe you can relate?

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One of my biggest, most personal struggles these past 16 months that our sons have been home from Haiti has been the outpouring of compliments for our 'humanitarian effort.'

I have been told many of the following:

“You have saved those children.”

“You and your husband are saints.”

“You are amazing! I don't know if I could do what you've done!”

It's not that Daniel and I adopted to get those kinds of reactions and honestly, I feel VERY uncomfortable when people compliment me on our adoption. We didn't do it for glory. We didn't do it to look like do-gooders. And honestly, we didn't do it to save children, although we deeply understand and know the need for all children to have homes.

We did it, purely and simply, out of obedience to the LORD. Period.

When we felt the call to adopt, we prayed, we talked, we prayed some more and asked God if it was what He willed for our lives and our family? It was. Too many doors opened for it to be anything other than the LORD's will for us.

It has been hard. The transition. The adapting. The increased fatigue. It's not easy. And we knew it wouldn't be. But Jesus said the following words and they are the one that I lean on when people want to smother me with compliments and crazy statements like 'I'm such a saint':

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.Matthew 20:28

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I didn't save my sons, although the world may see it that way. Daniel and I are not saints. We are flawed, broken humans that simply want to live life as God wants us to. I'm not amazing. I'm actually the most boring, everyday ordinary person I know.

But I want to serve Christ. He did not come to be served but to serve. The best way to serve Him is to obey. He called us to adopt. We obeyed. 

If you feel God is calling you to adopt, pray and ask. It won't be easy, but Christ never promised following would be. But follow anyway. It's rewarding beyond anything that one can experience. 

I get to serve these boys, as Christ came to serve. I get to be His hands and feet to my very own children in a new and incredible way. 

He saved those children.

He is a saint.

He is amazing. I only could do it because of Him.

– Terry Lacey, America World mom


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