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Adopting as a Military Family – The Hathaways

Army Maj. Peter Hathaway and his wife Kristen were recently featured in an article about how they overcame the challenges of international adoption as a military family. The Hathaways adopted their daughter from Ethiopia through America World.

Both Peter and Kristen had a desire to adopt before they met, so when the timing was right, they began considering an agency and a country. They chose Ethiopia in large part due to Kristen's missions work in Kenya and her burden for African orphans, partucluarly with special needs. They accepted the referral of an eight year old girl named Tshion and hope to bring her home by the end of this month. 

Read the full article, written by Army Sgt. Adrianna Barnes, on the Department of Defense website. To learn more about adopting from Ethiopia, click here.


“Family is not just about blood, color or anything else that we like to separate ourselves by. It is about loving another human being. It is about living out your life sacrificially for another person so that they might see their worth or beauty.” –Kristen Hathaway


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