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ACT Missions Journal: China

Our first 2013 ACT Mission Team to China just returned home.
Here is a precious letter from the team leader regarding their first visit at
the orphanage:

Orphanage Day 1

Well, our first day in our orphanage is complete. It's
really going to be hard for me to put it into words, but I'll try my best.
Honestly, even coming up with a sentence is difficult…The building is just a
short 15 minute drive from our hotel. When we arrived we were given a short
tour of the children's floors. We were shown babies that had just arrived and
one that had to not be more than a few days old with a large cleft lip/palate, two Down's Syndrome babies and a set of twins with some sort of
craniofacial issue- just laying in beds silent. I think it was me that broke
the silence and asked if we could touch them. I think we all let out a breath
of air when she said “of course!”

We saw a lot of hard stuff, but in the midst of it there
is a lot of good. Happy, seemingly healthy children (other than those with
mental disabilities) giggling and running
and playing duck, duck goose with the older children and observing rehab with
some of the special needs kids. There are many children with Down Syndrome,
mostly boys. So precious. The staff are incredible. They really love the
children. They are caring for over 200 children and literally doing all they
can. You can see it in their faces and it's reflective in the kids.  

We had lunch there and they let us come back to the hotel
for a break. Even though we'd only been there a few hours, it was much needed
just to process and pray and talk things out. When we returned, it was a
much different atmosphere! Light and fun as the children put on a performance
for us. It was AWESOME!!! Singing and dancing- all kinds of drama! The
nannies had dressed them and put make up on all of them (even the boys). We
were asked to do something for them as well so we did a few songs…they were
MUCH better than we were.

Before we left the assistant director spoke to us. She
says she wants all the children adopted. To please tell people about them so
that they can have families. We assured her we will advocate for these
treasures! Last night, she was telling Anna
(another team member) and I about the children. She said many are boys because
they have special needs. She said, “you may not think they are
beautiful…”  Oh my heart. I pulled up Asher's picture (my son from China) on my phone, one that
clearly showed his hands, and talked about how beautiful and perfect he was created.
She doesn't understand. It's all she knows.

Many of us had opportunities to lay our hands on babies and pray and whisper over them
scripture and tell them they are perfectly made by a God who adores them. Ale
spoke those words over a down syndrome child, who looked up at her, nodded, and
had a tear rolling down his face. We believe the Lord opened that little boys
ears for just a minute to allow him to hear and understand, despite the
language barrier, that he was perfect.

There is no solution for these children apart from the
Gospel. No hope. And the Gospel can reach them in two ways: someone coming here
to share Christ or adoption. When I think about my children living in a place
like that….even a “good” orphanage, it makes my heart physically

This is a plentiful harvest. It is ripe. It is beautiful
and it is waiting for workers. 

If you or someone you know is interested in mission trips to
China or adoption from China, please contact us at 800-429-3369 and ask to
speak with our ACT Mission Trip Staff or a China
Adoption Family Coordinator.


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