ACT – Honduras and El Salvador

Recently we had an adoptive family lead a mission trip to Honduras through their church. We asked if they would share a testimony of their experiences on the trip. They happily obliged and below you will find a summary of their reflections. Many of these activities are similar to the ones in which the ACT mission team will be engaged in December. We hope that this testimony touches your heart and inspires some of you to go with us to Honduras and El Salvador this December to serve the fatherless. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than by doing God’s work!

Sweet Smiles - Honduras

Deuteronomy 15:11 reads, “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.” As a mission’s team of 18, we worked with 5 different groups of Honduran people: orphans at a children’s home, the poor children from the community who come to the feeding program to eat lunch, the children who attend the bilingual school at the Children’s Home, the teenagers from the surrounding neighborhoods who come in the afternoons to play soccer, and poor families in the mountains.

As a group, we brought 11 suitcases full of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, Spanish Bibles, books, toys, and clothes. The people from our home church, Cypress Church, were so generous with helping provide for those at the Children’s Home. We were overwhelmed by how much we were going to be able to give the children. Once arriving, we had a lot of fun getting to know the children there. We were able to take the children from the Children’s Home on a few outings: to get ice cream and to go to a water park.

Crafts - Honduras

Working with the children from the community was a joy. These children came to the Children’s Home for the lunch feeding program.  We did a VBS in Spanish for these kids after they ate lunch. Our theme and story was Jonah and the Whale (Jonas y un gran pez).  We had a lot of fun teaching and communicating in Spanish. We focused on conveying the importance of following God and obeying him. Jonah disobeyed God and we all can learn from his mistake. We wanted to impact the children in a spiritual way. We learned that a lot of children did not know the Jonah story and they really liked that we did scripture memorization. It was so amazing to hear the children recite memory verses by heart!  We did music, crafts, a skit, and games with the kids, too. These children really struck our hearts. They were so full of joy. They just wanted to be loved and show love to us. Many times, they told us that they loved us and God loved us, too!  It was so touching to see them write that God loves us. Some of these children walk an hour or longer to come eat lunch at the Children’s Home. For many of them, that free lunch is their only meal they receive each day. I am proud to say that our church, Cypress Wesleyan Church, plays a huge part in this feeding program by giving money to the feeding program each year.

Our team brought Spanish and bilingual books to Honduras. We were very excited to give the books to the bilingual school at the Children’s Home. This school just began in February so it is a new, Christian school that is just getting off the ground. One afternoon, I was able to ride the school bus with the children who attend the school and some of the kids already were reading the books we had donated to them. It was awesome to see our simple gift was making an immediate impact!

Singing - Honduras

We were able to paint 3 houses while we were there. Most afternoons around 4pm our mission’s team had the chance to interact with older children and teenagers from the local neighborhoods. These children came to play soccer with the “gringos.†It was a fun time for our group and it was neat to see people striving to communicate from 2 different languages. God showed us that love and fun could be communicated in many ways even when there is a language barrier. 

Eat Up - Honduras

As a mission’s team, we donated some of our money we had for souvenirs toward feeding the poor. We collected enough money to feed 27 families. One evening, we sorted and bagged the food and then the next day we went to the mountains and handed the food to families. This was a very impactful experience. We were told that the small chicken and bag of food we gave to the people would feed a family of 6 for about a week. It was heart wrenching to see their living conditions. Through all of these experiences, the Lord reminded us all that we are so blessed and we need to give to others in need. God wants us to help the orphans, widows, and poor.

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