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Abba Changes Everything by Russell Moore

In Christianity Today's July issue I ran across an article titled, “Abba Changes Everything: Why every Christian is called to rescue orphans” by Dr. Russell Moore.  Already a huge fan of Moore's book, Adopted for Life, I happily delved into his article.  As I've come to expect with Moore's writings and teachings, this article was no less than thought-provoking and Gospel-centered.  Here is an excerpt:

“In saying that orphan care is missional, I do not mean that every Christian is called to adopt or foster a child. But every Christian is called to care for orphans. As with every aspect of Christ's mission, a diversity of gifts abounds. Some have room at their table and in their hearts for another stocking on the mantle by this coming Christmas. Others are gifted financially to help families who would like to adopt but cannot figure out how to make ends meet. Others can babysit while families with children make their court dates and complete home-study papers.
Still others can lead mission trips to rock and hug and sing to orphans who may never be adopted. Pastors can simply ask whether anyone in their congregation might be called to adopt or foster parent, or to empower someone who is. And all of us can pray—specifically and urgently—for orphans the world over.”

To read Dr. Moore's full article in Christianity Today online, you can follow this link:

Let's all be committed to caring for orphans through our actions and our prayers!

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development


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