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Rosner Family

Taking time to remember: Rosner Family Story

At America World, we always love when our families reach out and send an encouraging word and tell us how they are doing since they’ve come home. Last week was no exception as the Rosner family shared a quick sneak peek into what has been going on in their lives over the last year. Ethan’s mom shares her thoughts:

Just a quick note to say hi and to thank you for the all the support and the part you all played in our family. Today is the year anniversary of our family hearing about Ethan’s file and we are overwhelmed by God’s grace over the past year and a half ,especially, and so thankful for the role you all played!  Ethan is a total ham and has so much personality and life. He totally runs the house and Noah loves being an older brother. There is so much joy! (as you can see from the photos)

Due to COVID, Noah and Ethan have really benefitted from the extra time together over the last 6 months and we have appreciated having a forced simpler pace of life- but pray fervently for other families waiting to travel to meet their children! 

Last month marked the year anniversary of Samuel passing away in China, so we planted a Chinese dogwood tree in our yard to remember and honor his life. This was definitely one of the hardest things we’ve gone through, but felt God’s leading and care through it and have so much from it that we are thankful for! We still talk to our guide in Changsha, frequently, including a video chat recently, so she could see the boys and see how we are honoring Sam’s life. It’s so special to have that connection with someone who went through it with us.

The timing and details that came together to allow all of this to happen are not lost on us and we are so thankful for all you all did and the opportunity we have to be a family.

Thank you, Rosner family, for sharing what God has done in your hearts. It has been a joy to watch God at work in your lives over the last year and a half.

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