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A Son by Adoption

This story is for the fathers who have everything except a son by adoption. 


I have four daughters, three by adoption and one by birth, and they were every bit “daddy’s little girls.†They were so much the center of my life that I had to be reminded by my wife that she was also a girl and needed my attention.  Coming home at the end of a hard day, I was always met by my girls running to me as I opened the door and jumping into my arms while squealing, “Daddy, Daddy!† My life was quite complete; I was content with my girls, and I did not think I was missing anything.  In fact, I must admit that seeing how rambunctious and energetic the boys of friends and relatives were at a young age, I was even more content with three relatively well-behaved girls.

It wasn’t until my wife began to develop the desire to adopt a son that I had to address some of my deep-rooted fears connected with adopting a son.


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