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A Simple “Thank You” Can Go A Long Way

When families have finished their adoption, they often look for ways to help advocate for adoption. Our agency recently learned that here in Virginia, the authentications office sometimes gets “thank you†notes and pictures from families who have completed their adoption. The employee who told us this said that they post the pictures of the kids up on the wall to encourage them in their work.  She said, “the pictures help us see how important the paperwork is!† When we heard that, we thought it would be great to ensure that every state’s authentication office hears from families as to how important their work is.

If you’ve completed your adoption already, would you consider writing a note to your Secretary of State’s Authentications Office? The contact information can be found here.  A simple note saying, “Thanks for your work – you helped us with our adoption†may just go a long way in encouraging these employees who certify thousands of documents each week to help with the adoption process. And remember, pictures are worth a thousand words, so perhaps if you included a picture and first name of your child, it will help these offices see how very important their work is.

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