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A Season of Hope


Hope is defined as the expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. 

At America World, Hope is tied into everything we do. It's our lifeline. It's our battle cry.

Most appropriately we are entering what many refer to as the Season of Hope. The holidays bring families together, they unite our spirits, they teach us to celebrate the moment while also looking forward.

The Season of Hope also means a season of reflection for AWAA. As we look back over the year we see the faces of children who now have forever families. But we also see the faces of children who still wait and who may not enter forever families. And this is what propels us forward.

America World is committed to going beyond adoption.

We have significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children in each of the countries we partner with. AWAA is committed to family preservation and orphan care and thanks to our wonderful in-country partners, hundreds of children are being loved and cared for.

This is why we have hope. We not only believe that we can continue to care for
vulnerable children, we expect it. Hope is not hope without expectation.

Each family who has been impacted by the gift of adoption likely has the same thought. 
What about the children we left behind?

The answer is continued involvement in orphan care initiatives. As we enter this season of hope
we invite you to partner with us again, or perhaps for the first time.

From now until December 8th Day of Hope
donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 thanks 
to a generous matching grant.

On December 8th members of One Orphan and America World Staff will be calling to
extend an invitation to impact the lives of children around the world.

Here are just a few ways your gifts will support vulnerable children:

Support for five orphanage partnerships in Ethiopia

Provide Ethiopia families with sponsorships through our government partnership

Resources and Support for Orphanage partnerships in Haiti

Resources and Support for Orphanage partnerships in China

Support for Adoption programs in India

And much more!

As we enter this Season of Hope we ask that you not only consider investing financially
in the lives of orphans, but also investing time in prayer. Please pray
for families to continue to choose adoption. Please lift up the children still waiting. And please keep 
our staff in prayer as we continue to fight for children around the world. International adoption
becomes more difficult each year, please pray for doors to open and hearts to be moved.

We are so thankful for our dedicated families and we hope to unite 
with you as we speak up for vulnerable children.

If you are ready or led to start the Season of Hope now you can make tax-deductible
donations by clicking this link and designating your gift as Day of Hope 2016 in the drop down menu.
If you have questions about how your gift will be utilized feel free to contact the Executive Director of One Orphan, our orphan care ministry branch.




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