A Reflection on Adoption and Chaos
December 12, 2013

The El Salvador Program would like to share the following story submitted by adoptive mom Lisa, who brought her daughter Ruth home in 2009. Lisa takes a moment to share one of the sweet lessons she has learned through the process. 

El salvaldor adoption stories

I have a video clip of Rich Mullins speaking and one of the many cool things that he said was a commentary on Proverbs 14:4: “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean.” His analysis was that where there is life, there is mess. I am reminded of this quote almost every time I go into my daughter’s room because unless she has just cleaned it, it is a mess. Right now with soccer season, the cleats, shin guards, soccer ball, and ankle wrap are scattered on every floor of our house. Soon, basketball paraphernalia will take their place. I like things neat and in order, but life is rarely neat and orderly. And one of the gifts of my daughter, with the beautiful name that I did not give her, has been chaos. I have felt God pushing me and changing me with each challenge as we face life as a family. Nothing that I read ahead of time could have prepared me for her. Some problems haven’t had easy solutions. She came with her own personality and her own past, just like me, and it has been hard work to become a family. Most recently, change meant switching to part time work so that I have more time to help her catch up on some of the math and reading and writing that she missed out on because she had intermittent early schooling in a different language. The other side of that gift of chaos, though, is that order, when it comes in its own time, is so apparent. She has learned her multiplication facts and is reading near grade level, and her stories are making more sense. She smiles so much more, with real smiles that are straight from the heart. On Sunday she scored her first goal in soccer, which makes all of the mess seem secondary.

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