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A Preview of our While You Wait Blog

  America World offers a few blogsites that are affiliated with  One of our favorites that any family in the “waiting stage” of adoption will enjoy is called, “While You Wait“.  It is written by a husband and wife team who have adopted through AWAA, Eric & Mitzi Tibbits.  They also do premartial and marital counseling and have blessed many unions through their time and commitment to them. 

Here is a preview of our While You Wait Blog.  Feel free to read along, as there are weekly posts and comment as you feel led.  May you be encouraged as you wait….


Marital unity:  Helpful companionship

While you wait, your marriage will be tested.  No surprise, right?

Many are the trials on any marriage, newlywed to seasoned couple.  We survived lots of military separations including combat, pregnancies and childbirth along with the toils of forming a perfect union with two imperfect sinners.   But adoption brings unique pressures and challenges, I would submit.  We experienced stressors unlike any other in our 20 years of marriage and it seems that the evil one is bent on using adoption and the waiting process as a means to divide, as a means to discourage husband and wife.  I know we experienced attacks on our stamina, our motives, and our trust of each other.  And without a strong marriage to weather the storms, I see vividly how an adoption wait can wreak havoc on a weak foundation, tearing the marriage asunder.

In Douglas Wilson’s excellent book, “Reforming Marriage,†he lists three earthly purposes of marriage:  Helpful companionship, godly children and sexual protection.  To continue reading click here.


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