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A New Year For El Salvador

Dear  Families:
I am wishing you a happy New yYar.  We are starting a new year with new hopes and good news – we got a referral for one of our families; so I praise our God for this miracle.  I have always believed He is the one who takes care of everything.  I want to thank all the families who wrote to me last year, for all your support and prayers.  Things are changing here in El Salvador and soon we will be able to see more and more miracles.
This year my country is going to have big changes – in the same year we have elections for everything – President, Mayor, Senators, Procurador etc. – I mean everything!  But we all know the authorities come from GOD, so let’s pray for the new authorities of El Salvador, just as for America.  Let’s ask our good God to give them all the wisdom and love to rule and a big heart for the orphan kids.

God Bless you all.



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