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Family Mission Trip

A Meaningful Experience for the Whole Family

By Angela Bobo, America World Mission Trip Team Leader

As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, my intention on this earth is to be Jesus’s hands and feet and live out the command, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

My first mission trip was in the Spring of 2018 to India. During this trip with my 14-year-old daughter, I fell in love with a different culture and children who do not live in or come from the most ideal situations. A desire was placed in my heart to love orphans and to provide this experience for all my kids. I wanted each child to travel to another country and see what the world looks like outside of our very small bubble of Christian homeschoolers, nice homes, food in abundance, and the many conveniences of American life. Then, after my first trip to Bogota, Colombia, in 2023, I knew I wanted to bring the entire family back to serve with me.

“Letting go and letting God.”

Family Mission TripIn all my traveling, I have learned to serve Him by “Letting go and letting God.” His plans are always better than ours. As I planned this trip and stressed about the amount of leadership I was given this time, I just kept praying for God to use us the way He wanted.

There were institutions I preferred to go to and not to go to. Some of my reservations were because I was bringing my younger kids, and some were just because of my own selfish desires. However, the place where I didn’t feel we should go turned out to be a highlight of our week. It was also the place I needed my kids to experience. My kids jumped right in to play soccer, paint a picture, learn a little Spanish, play a card game, and do whatever else we did with each group of kids.

This was also my first trip with my husband. I loved watching him interact and learn Spanish with these kids.

The goal for this trip was to advocate for adoptable kids and to better speak up for them in an adoptable situation, but I don’t believe this was the only thing God had planned. Of course, when my intentions don’t line up with His, frustration can build. I can feel like we are not doing what we were supposed to do. However, I know God is always working, and I have to trust the process and follow His lead.

Learning together as a family

Family Mission TripJumping from institution to institution each day was not great for building relationships with these kids, but it was a chance for my family to see all different kinds of institutions. We interacted with college girls all the way down to babies, some children with disabilities, and others who could speak a little English. This trip has brought about many discussions within our family about kids who don’t have a mom and dad to take care of them and kids who will need someone to watch them for the rest of their lives because of their disabilities. Also, we talked about how important learning another language can be. My kids really felt more comfortable when the other children could speak a little English.

Our family was welcomed by the staff of the institutions as an example to the kids of what a loving family looks like. Many of these kids have never been around and especially not part of a family that has a mom and dad and all kids living together.

Though this trip exhausted me more than some of my others because of the “mom hat” I wore along with the leadership and daily tasks, it gave us long-lasting memories and learning tools. I can’t say that I felt like the trip was exactly what I thought it would be for my kids, but as time goes forward, I see the fruit of this trip and the better relationship my family has because of this experience together.

What about you?

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