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A Loving ambassador team met Ezra recently, learn more about him today!

You may remember polite, engaging Ezra who spent time with our Loving Ambassador team last November and whose story we shared here.

One team member shared about their experience getting to know this special little guy:

“Ezra is a fun, energetic, happy little boy who is curious about his surroundings.  I had the privilege of meeting Ezra in November 2019 with the Loving Ambassadors’ program.  When I first met Ezra, he was very busy exploring every corner of the room.  We were meeting in a large conference room that was decorated with balloons, which Ezra just loved!  He kept running over to touch them every chance he got.  He would eventually run off to explore something new, but he always came back to those balloons.

Ezra has an amazing smile, and when he smiles at you, you just can’t help but smile back.  He would so benefit from a loving family who could help him grow to be all God has created him to be!”

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Ezra or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.


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