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A Life Changing Trip to Haiti: Even the Young Can Serve

A Life Changing Trip to Haiti: Even the Young Can Serve

We love to share stories about how One Orphan mission trips have not only changed the lives of children around the globe, but also the lives of those immersing themselves in these countries. This is Abby's story of how her trip to Haiti impacted her life:

My name is Abby Benton and I am 15 years. I recently went on a mission trip to Haiti.

I was not planning to go to Haiti until the Lord laid it on my heart. After thinking and praying about it, I felt like it was time for me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. I was planning to go back to China but some things occurred and we were unable to go, then Haiti came up. It was devastating driving down the streets in Haiti and seeing all the poverty, and going to the orphanage to see how the children live on a daily basis. While at the orphanage, we read the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus.The kids enjoyed every moment of it and so did the rest of our team. We also did a craft everyday depending on what the story was about, which the kids loved. We played outside, painted finger nails, talked with the kids, cleaned inside and outside of the building, put up wall decorations and fed babies.

The first few days, our team was both mentally and physically exhausted. We continuously prayed for strength throughout our time in Haiti and at the orphanage, and God answered those prayers with an abundance of power.

Coming from the perspective of a former child waiting for my forever family, it was heartwrenching to see what the childrens lives looked like and what my life could have been if God had not laid adoption on my parents hearts. Knowing that some of the kids there may never be welcomed into a family breaks my heart. Sitting in the orphanage, with multiple kids on my lap, made me realize that this is their life. While I may look at their lives as broken it may be the only life they will ever know. This is why I want to continue to go back, whether its China or Haiti.

God has called us to be his servants; to go and serve for the glory of Him and Him alone. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have went to Haiti and shown the love of Jesus to the kids.

If you are interested in attending a One Orphan mission trip, visit this link for more information.


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