A July 4th Message from Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Due a large number of new child files arriving in the upcoming months and having matched a large number of families recently, we anticipate little to no wait time for many families who submit their dossier to China for a child with minor to moderate correctable medical needs commonly seen in the China program. Many of these children have already had their medical need repaired!  

We encourage you to visit our Waiting Children pages to see current China Waiting Children.  (these pages do not include the files we are anticipating, but are updated continually as new files arrive and as children are matched)  If you are interested in submitting a dossier in order to be ready to be matched with the children that are arriving in the coming months, please contact our China staff at china@awaa.org.  

We also have wonderful opportunities in our India program for families to be matched with a number of children, including those with repaired or correctible medical needs. Families interested in our India program may contact our India staff at india@awaa.org.

Families can reach our office directly at 800.429.3369 to learn more about either of these programs. We ask that you prayerfully consider if God may be calling you to adopt a child from China or India!


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